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Child support is among the most significant issues in a divorce or paternity case. Child support is intended to provide for the children.  However, the child support system can sometimes be ineffective.  Parents may find themselves receiving inadequate support payments, and struggling to make ends meet; while other parents are at times required to make excessive support payments, leaving them financially bereft.

Whether you pay or receive support, the law office of Beth M. Terry, P.A., will work to ensure that such matters are determined fairly by paying careful attention to financial details and using an approach aimed at achieving equitable outcomes.

Beth M. Terry, P.A. is experienced working with clients in Northeast Florida to handle both initial child support determinations and post-decree issues of modification and enforcement.

Determining Child Support

While both parents are required to support their child, the monetary amount for each parent is determined by certain factors including:

-income of both parents

-cost of health insurance

-cost of childcare

-related expenses

-amount of overnight time-sharing with children (more than 20 percent commences a downward deviation in the child support amount)

A deviation to the presumptive child support formula amount is not a usual occurrence in the child support system.  Yet, each case may have more aspects that can come into play regarding the amount of child support.  Beth M. Terry will ensure that the court fully considers all the applicable factors in your case to produce a fair and accurate determination.

Modifications and Past Due Child Support

In addition to helping clients during the determination of child support, Beth also works with clients to modify payments already established. Certain circumstances can cause changes to the amount of child support, and it is important to reach a new, accurate amount.

If you are owed past due child support (also called arrearages), we can help you enforce the ordered amount with a variety of methods to obtain payment. 

If you owe arrearages or believe the ordered amount has been calculated improperly, it is important to seek out a family law attorney as soon as possible.

*Please note – even if you think the amount is incorrect, comply with the court ordered child support. Failure to make payments can result in significant penalties.*

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