Alternative Solutions

Family law litigation can be lengthy and expensive processes for all parties.

Most clients are just looking for a way to amicably end their marriage, and if a fair compromise can be made outside of court, they would rather avoid the financial and emotional costs of litigation. 

Some alternative solutions to family law disputes include: 

Collaborative Practice

Attorneys who are trained in the collaborative law process can advocate for their clients when working towards an agreement. This involves a team approach with trained attorneys and other professionals assisting you and your spouse to reach a settlement without litigation and involving the court in the personal, family matters.


Mediation is when a trained, third party mediator is used to help reach agreements regarding family law issues. 

Informal Settlement Negotiation

Some situations can be negotiated by the parties themselves with the assistance of an experienced law attorney without having to litigate in court. Solutions can be had and finality of the matters can happen without enduring the formal, lengthy court process.


Arbitration is a process whereby a neutral, third person, called an arbitrator, considers the facts and arguments presented by the parties and renders a decision.  Arbitration may only be used in cases without minor children.  The decision may be binding or nonbinding depending on the parties and issues.

If you are looking for alternative solutions to litigation to solve your family law dispute, contact the office to schedule a consultation with Beth Terry, P.A. 

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