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Child custody and visitation rights can be some of the most contentious issues in divorce or paternity matters. Florida requires litigating parents to take a class educating on the effects of divorce or parent separation on children and fostering positive co-parenting.  However, disputes regarding children often occur.

The law office of Beth M. Terry, P.A., delivers aggressive legal services in this regard. Serving in Jacksonville and throughout the northeast Florida region, Beth M. Terry advocates to ensure that your parent-child relationship remains, even though the marriage or relationship is over. Whether you are a mother or father seeking assistance, we can help you obtain fair resolutions for you and your children.

Terminology in Florida Family Law

In the state of Florida child custody and visitation are referred to as a “parenting plan” and “time sharing.” The purpose is to focus on the recognition of shared responsibilities between parents and maintenance of quality, ongoing parent-child relationship.

Although agreeing with the other parent on these issues may be difficult, it is in your children’s short- and long-term interests to do so. Courts look favorably on parents who collaborate on their children’s upbringing.

Beth M. Terry works with her clients to help them understand and implement the parenting factors that courts examine when making parenting plan and time-sharing determinations.

Parenting Plans Uniquely Tailored to your Circumstances

Parenting plans are more detailed than previous custody orders, uniquely tailored to each couple’s circumstances. Parenting plans must address a wide variety of issues including time-sharing rights, allocation of decision-making in matters including education and health care, and determining other children-related issues, such as transportation, extra-curricular activities and relocation.

Beth M. Terry strives for favorable outcomes with regard to these considerations. She is also skilled in seeking modifications to existing parenting plans when changes have occurred causing the prior parenting plan to be unworkable.

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